OK hey so uhm I have a little dilemma. I'm with a girl at the moment, but I don't think it's going to really work. Problem is, I have a lot of the same classes with her at school, and she's really really clingy. I've tried telling her to back off a little but she hasn't really. I don't want to break up with her because I do like being with her but how do I get her to give me a little more space?

Tell her how you feel, But not in a way that’s going to upset her. try suggesting that she spends a weekend with her mates and have a bit of “Her” time, She’ll appreciate you for it, And that way you get more space, Yet still be together like you want to be :) Hope everything works out


Lastnight whilst listening to more “chilled” music than my normal selection of ear-candy, i had an itch, on my arm…totally innocent.

In that one moment my whole outlook on life changed, i started doing what i never thought id do again and promised alot of people i wouldnt, I wasnt depressed at this particular moment yet there i was, scratt my skin with my nails long after the itchy feeling had gone, i had no emotions while doing it, it was almost like the flesh i was scratching more deeply now wasnt my own flesh.

sitting here now i wondered why i did it again…i only cut myself twice lastnight…but it’s not the fact that they were only mere scratches compared to my history of self harm…it was the fact that i still did it.

After doing it i broke down…all the emotions that i was meant to feel before doing it came after…and i was a mess rocking back and forth on the bed, i called NHS hotline and they eventually put me through to a mental health crisis team.

I dont understand how one moment im in bed reading then decide why not listen to some music like i always do…next thing i know im in a trance cutting my flesh and then i can hahrough my tears…nothing had triggered this…which made me feel even more pathetic.

Amanda Todd continued

Yesterday i posted a blog entry about amanda todd…

I Would like to say on that subject that loads of people are paying attention to this case…

I’ve seen lots of people ask “Why her?” people commit suicide everyday but why is she getting popular when others arent…

Well…Because she was bullied to the extent that other told her to go and die…And after her first suicide attempt, She had facebook posts telling her to try harder…it’s such a big story because we wonder what the hell is wrong with people today..

Oh and also people making fun of her now…what the hell is your problem? as soon as someone is known for something in this world they’re automatically a joke when they die for it…To name a few:

Amy whinehouse: Drugs

Whitney houston: Drugs

Michael jackson: Peodophile

Are we seriously living in a community now where we find it ok to mock somebody’s death?

people saying that she was attention seeking should take a look at what they’re doing…Making fun of the dead…And that isn’t attention seeking?…


Amanda Todd

Id like to say a few words about this girl…

A 15 year old girl who commited suicide (on her 2nd attempt) Because of bullies…now…I’ve been through bullying of a harsh kind and i know what it’s like…There are lots of things i think about this case and i’ll try to get them all out without ranting and tangenting too much…

1. No matter who you are…What your social class is…How you dress…how much money you have…NOONE…and i mean NO ONE…deserves to be bullied…We Live in a world where we’re encouraged to think as equals…Yes…Amanda made some mistakes in her life…dont we all? I here people calling her a slut…That is not true…She was 15 years old and the guy was in his 30’s posing as a teenager…People dont realise how manipulative these people actually are, And being such a young age she was vulnerable. She did not deserve any of the bullying she got.

2. At her school there was many bullies…none of which took action by themselves…This id like to point out from a psychological point of view…The case states that when she was at school she was beaten up by a girl (Her boyfriend slept with amanda) And her classmates cheered this behaviour which resulted in her being beaten up. As a crowd your perception of right and wrong changes…if you are anonymous in a crowd you will be more willing to do things against your own morals…And it’s been proven…This is a perfect example of that. Im not saying im encouraging the behaviour these children took upon seeing such violence…Im saying that i understand the psychology…and i do not believe any of these children would do anything like this if they were on their own.

3. On a youtube video i saw today…i saw a comment on a video about amanda..”Suicide is the cowards way out”…i believe that Amanda was in too much pain to carry on..and the amount of bullying drove her to drink bleach…and eventually hang herself…She tried her best for so long…And i would not call her a coward.

RIP Amanda Todd

Doing more housework

And cooking dinner for 7 people, I would be fine if my every move wasn’t judged x

It’s obviously just one of those weeks

Where everything you do feels like an uphill battle and your losing at your own game